Expanded Access Policy

At this time, our investigational drug neflamapimod is only available through participation in one of our ongoing clinical trials. Neflamapimod is not available on an expanded access basis, including for single patient compassionate use.

Patients who have participated in the AscenD-LB phase 2 clinical trial, are able to receive neflamapimod on an open label basis through the clinical investigator site through which they participated in AscenD-LB.

"Often when people think of neurodegeneration they look toward the end of the process, which is characterized by neuron death and loss. But in fact, neurodegeneration is a long and complex process that we now know much of the time ahead of neuron death is driven by synaptic dysfunction and deterioration in a broad range of neurodegenerative diseases. In animal models, we and others have shown that if you treat synaptic dysfunction at the early stages of disease, you’re able to restore synaptic function and prevent neuron death, giving us new hope and optimism for treating not only Alzheimer’s disease, but other neurodegenerative disorders where there have been few successful treatment options."

John Alam, MD, EIP Pharma Founder and CEO