We believe the key to treating neurodegenerative disease is to intervene early.

Millions of people worldwide suffer from neurodegenerative diseases that impair memory, focus and thinking. Their ability to go about their daily lives is impacted by these progressive conditions. We believe that we can reverse the synaptic dysfunction responsible for early-stage disease symptoms and progression.

Our Approach

Hope Through Science

Introducing Neflamapimod

We’re developing neflamapimod—an oral, selective small molecule inhibitor of the protein kinase p38 alpha. Extensive research has shown that p38 alpha is a key driver of synaptic dysfunction. These data, along with evidence from a recent phase 2a clinical study, strongly suggest that inhibition of p38 alpha by neflamapimod can reverse the synaptic dysfunction that causes neurodegenerative disease progression in the early stages.

Treatment & Results